Entrepreneurs Global has two sub communities called 'Entrepreneurs Dragon Global' (for male entrepreneurs) and 'Entrepreneurs Phoenix Global' (for female entrepreneurs). We organize various kind of social events based on different industries and customer types.
Entrepreneurs Global (E-Global) originates from the UK. Its main goal is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem between the East and the West, and provide the most valuable information and services for entrepreneurs. E-Global has taken extra efforts to build up connections between entrepreneurs and investors, successful companies and incubators by online and offline events. At the same time, we are particularly concerned about female entrepreneurs overseas. E-Global helps more women entrepreneurs to link with various resources such as Venture Capital institutions from UK, China and all over the world, so that more and more people could support women entrepreneurs.

Special Guest

Yike Guo

Lifetime Professor of Computing Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College,Founding Director of the Data Science Institute

Yike Guo is a Professor of Computing Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. He is the founding Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College, a research centre has been inspected by President Xi. Professor Guo is also a chief scientist of E-Science, as well as holds the position of CTO of tranSMART Foundation, a global open source community using and developing big data sharing and analytics technology for translational medicine.

Honorary Advisor

Yu Xiong

Lifetime Chair Professor of Technology and Operations Management in Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University

Professor Yu Xiong is the Chair of Technology and Operations Management in Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University. He is the only UK based committee member of the All China Youth Federation and he has won a number of honors from Chinese Provincial/Ministry level government. Prof.Xiong covered an extensive fields: he is chief advisor and director to SinoFortone, and provided assistance to the business to obtain venture capitals, as well as helped launched the largest incubator in EU.


Jian Wang

Chairman of the executive board in E.L.I HOLDINGS

Jian Wang, was born in China and has been working and living in the UK since the late 19080’s. Nurtured under such the multiculture, Mr.Wang owns a thorough understanding of Western business operation mode. In 1995, he founded E.L.I HOLDINGS with Alice Childs, which is a consulting company provides investments, trade and government relations in China. Mr.Wang facilitated commercial exchanges between China and the UK, which has been recognized by the community and the authority.

Our Team

Luna Sun

Luna Yuping Sun is a serial entrepreneur. She comes from Harbin and graduated with a Chemistry degree from Heilongjiang University. At university, she was chairman of the student union and voted the best singer. She was selected as a management trainee of Longfor Group and gained extensive experience in the financial market & Real Estate industry in China. including being involved in Longfor’s IPO in HK. She then became the youngest private banking manager at HSBC in Beijing (out of a total of only 17 private bankers in China at the time) managing high net worth individuals and successful entrepreneurs. She subsequently graduated with an MBA degree from Liverpool University. Since then, she has set up Entrepreneurs Global to help young start-up entrepreneurs in the UK to find investment, resources and talents in UK and China. She also set up Girlup UK, which has successfully organized a female Entrepreneurs Event in London. She co-founded EcoLive Technology Ltd, with other engineers, which makes a smart hardware device allowing end users to control the growth of green plants at home. The project won one of the Top 5 awards at the 2015 China Talent Entrepreneurship & Investment Competition and the 2015 CSSAUK High-Level Entrepreneurship Challenge award. Luna believes that through joint team-working and collaboration with her team members on the programme, they can make a real difference to the Chinese communities in the UK and in China.

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